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Having an ASP.NET background I often heard about DotNetNuke (DNN) and I was curious to see what this crap was. Basically it's an open source Content Management System (CMS) based on Microsofts ASP.NET technology. It does have a learning curve involved, and I knew was overkill for a stupid site like this. However, I was mainly interested in exploring the underlying codebase that this was made up of and was ultimately one of the reasons I even made this site. The codebase is surprisingly written in and just recently has begun porting to C#. The hardcores may question this, but doesn't make a huge difference since they're both talking to all the same exact .NET base classes anyways.

I haven't even bothered to change the default DNN skin for this site. If I wanted a new, cool looking website that would be out of date in just a few months it would have been much easier to pay some teenager living in some foreign country. I also could have used the much friendlier WordPress application. Drupal and Joomla are 2 others as well, but Wordpress is easily the king of web applications out there. WP was initially created as a simple blogging platform, but now it is also used for websites or even a full fledged CMS as well. Security became a huge issue with WP just a few years back, but who doesn't have some issues in today's world.

WP and other web building apps have definitely changed the web industry, but unfortunately lots of times whether it's in a corporate intranet or even a public facing website these out of the box applications will not be able to satisfy all requirements. This is where it's time to hire a programmer to add this custom functionality needed to the site. In the DNN world .NET programmers can code there own custom modules, but you are still ultimately regulated and bound by all the DNN rules. With the latest .NET frameworks, and advanced web tools such as AJAX, JQUERY etc... I would rather invest my time learning these powerful tools instead of spending time learning how to use some dying niche tool like DNN. With some programming knowledge it has been made pretty easy literally in just a few minutes and clicks these latest tools can also provide highly customizable data driven templates that are fully extensible with TOTAL control...I will say it again TOTAL control. Obviously if you don't have ANY programming knowledge whatsoever than yea DNN may be an easy way to get a user based ".NET" website up and running, but at that point your probably better off using WordPress.

In summary I am glad I checked this shit out but my knowledge of DNN's full capabilities is still very minimal. Maybe for more involved uses such as portals and such there is a valid advantage in using DNN. If anyone out there with extensive DNN experience is still alive feel free to tell me your thoughts.



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