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Motorcycle Winter Storage

I replace the oil & filter once a year at the end of the riding season. Its recommended to change the oil before storing for the winter, or any long period of time. At this time I also add a special fuel stabilizer called Star Tron and fill the gas tank to the top. I let the engine run for a few minutes to get the stabilizer circulated thru the system and more importantly into the carbs. If you own a lawnmower or any other small engine this is common knowledge. Startron is made for boats and other high corrosion prone stuff and has some crazy enzymes that are good for storing engines long periods of time. I don't use the normal Pink Stabil for this because it should only be used to stabilize gas only. When you put a couple gallons of gas in your red old school rusted gas container, you can just throw in some pink colored Stabil to keep the gas fresh. This type of Stabil is not as good at keeping your carburetors clean and preventing corrosion in moveable engine parts like the top secret Startron formula does. However, you can use the green colored Marine Stabil as it also aids in preventing corrosion and all that other stuff your engine needs to get thru a long hard winter. The motorcycle store I go to highly recommends Startron so that's what I have been using in my bike, lawnmower, snow blower, and chainsaw (Yea, I am a real man). All the stabilizers cost about the same so they have no hidden agenda as well. On another note if all you have is the pink stuff than its better than nothing, I am sure some people don't even care about winterizing and all that, but sort of sucks when you got to bring your bike in to get the carbs cleaned. The thing that really sucks about motorcycles is if you can't get it to start you can't just throw it in your trunk like a lawnmower to get repaired. You have a 600lb+ machine that is going nowhere unless put on a flat bed...bit of a hassle.

After the bike cools a bit I clean/wax it and clean/re-grease the chain with Kerosene and special Suzuki chain grease. My air pressure is always topped. I remove the battery and bring her inside to keep nice and warm. I will occasionally charge it about once a month in the off season. I clog the air filter with a bag so no moisture gets in, and also do the same with the exhaust. I also spray some WD40 in there (exhaust) and other metal parts. Some people like removing the spark plugs and adding a little oil to the cylinders, but I am all set with omitting that. Finally I put the bike up on the center stand and put a piece of scrap wood under the front tire so it doesn't contact the cement. After I cover it, I lock the shed and then go inside to prepare for hockey season.