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2006 Suzuki GS500F


I have owned this for a couple riding seasons so far, and has been a perfect all around bike. Despite my wife saying it looks like one of those "scary bikes", it is a pretty basic standard motorcycle. Even tho it sports a fairing it is far from a "scary" real sport bike. I always toy with the idea of upgrading to a newer bike, but not sure what I would even get. Would I go for a legit sport bike or would I change gears totally and go with a tough guy jones cruiser type?

Sport Bike Comparisons

This is just my chump opinion on different sport bikes I have researched and looked at. Most people looking for a first bike (like I was) get turned on to the 250cc sports bikes like the ninjas. They are cheap and look real cool, and as we know looking cool is all that really matters (even if it means you laying on the highway one day with your leg 350 yards away from you). However, these bikes seem stupid to me if you plan on riding comfortably at all on US highways. I never rode one but seems like a total waste, and a bad decision for a first bike. You will not like it after a year and now you are stuck with the hassle of selling it. It has to be like riding a super charged moped, probably better off getting one of those small cruisers like a Kawasaki Eliminator.

Doubling that power with the 500cc seems fine and good enough amount of overall power, but it still lives in that beginner/intermediate line of bikes and receives all the basic components like entry level brakes, shit wheels, suspension etc... With just 100cc of extra engine size (600cc) you get into the advanced build of sport bikes with higher end components that change the overall ride of the bike. For that reason when you say you have a 600cc sport bike you are taken seriously, and at 500cc you are not. However, the engine size is just one small factor to accurately gauge the true fire of a bike. A 4 cylinder 600cc Suzuki GSX or Honda CBR is a beast compared with the parallel twin (2 cylinder) Kawasaki Ninja 650cc. A 600cc sport bike could even indeed wheel a 1200cc cruiser. They are completely different animals.

Honestly as far as I am concerned a sport bike over 650cc is a waste of money UNLESS you just want to impress your boys (Nothing wrong with that, you are just a human and this is natural) or plan on using it at a track. Would you drive to the grocery store in an Indy 500 car? If so I bet you would get there in the same exact time as a Ford Taurus. The Taurus may get you there faster since you have a lower chance of going off the road. You just can't reap the full benefits of a machine like that in a non-controlled setting, a 650cc bike will go 150mph do you really need a bike faster than that? Probably not, BUT you WILL no doubt without a question look like this man if you are riding one:

Anyways, this is just a side hobby for me and not some huge lifestyle change so don't listen to any of my chump advice. Also I hate to admit it but I am already really really cool anyways so at this point even tho it would be nice to upgrade I am more than all set with my Suzuki. I would like to add that I do feel that the 500cc has possibly kept me afloat on at least 1 or 2 occasions that maybe a bigger engine would have possibly thrown me to the asphalt. That's cool enough for me.

Will I Die?

Most likely, yes. There is a good feeling to be had just floating in mid air on an engine with 2 wheels at a nice speed, even low speed is cool to. But this can come at a huge cost. Obviously there are inherent risks with riding so hopefully I don't go down, but if I do I will respect that. I can easily die plenty of other ways in this crazy world so why not enjoy riding my motorcycle in my last days here.

On a side note if you go to other countries everyone is packed in on scooters, mopeds and motorcycles, even little children. Its mainly only here in the US that you will ever see 1 person driving around in a huge gas guzzling SUV, this behavior has caused other countries to resent us and our global commitment. I know I know they can screw off, but I am just trying to make us look good. Also what if this overall resentment results in a future invasion on our own soil that destroys everything and I happen to encounter an operable motorcycle amongst the rubble? I can now utilize my riding skill to get me and at least 1 more loved one to safety. So on the other hand this motorcycle could actually save the lives of at least 2 people. Everyone in The United States of America should at least know how to operate a motor bike for this exact reason. If you don't currently own a motorcycle and are interested in not only saving your life one day but possibly our country then go here.

Read here to see what NOT to do when giving your GSF an oil change and how I put my bike on "ice" for the winter.



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