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Cement Boards


Before I put down the shower pan liner and stomped on it I put up the Permabase cement board in the top of the shower only. Once again I followed all the rules.  

I have used Hardi Backer before for a floor and I think I may slightly lean with the cement board units just because hardi sucks up so much water from thinset and you have to occasionally spray it to keep it hydrated before you tile. Screw both companies for saying you can just easily score and snap like drywall. Brffff what a joke, you will take 3 times as long and get a sore elbow if you try that. I know they have special tipped razors, but I just threw a diamond wheel on my circle saw and laughed. At least diamonds are good for something.

Mold Resistant Dry Wall (Greenboard)


I also put the greenboard up on the rest of the walls in the bathroom. There are some people that actually say Greenboard is BS and that normal dry wall with a good coat of paint is all that is needed. I bet they are right and that this is just another bs marketing product out there like everything else in this world. But as always I just followed the rules and kept my mouth shut. For the ceiling I even went with 5/8" thick greenboard. The chump stores only stocked 1/2" greenboard since this is the norm for contractors to install, even on ceilings in bathrooms. I wanted to go with 5/8 since some people say 1/2 can sag over time on ceilings. For the size of this bathroom I am sure I would not be around to see it if it ever did sag, but since I am crazy I had to get 5/8. I rolled into a yard and got some hardcore pieces of 5/8" and 1/2" LaFarge Mold Proof dry wall. I told the dude I was putting the 5/8th up on the ceiling, he told me that was probably overkill. Whatever, at least 5/8 is fireproof in case someone ever decides to start a fire in there.

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