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Toilet Flange Install

With the tile all installed the finish line was near. Time to install all the fixtures starting with the toilet, this was the fun stuff. But first I had to attach a flange to the waste pipe sticking out of the ground. I flush cut the pipe to the surface of the tile and cut the same amount from the flange as well. I than installed the inside mount flange.


As you can see there is about a 1/4" gap from the tile to the flange. This is not ideal, as the flange should be sitting directly on the base which in this case is the tile. When this waste pipe was initially put in remember there was no concrete base, the pipe was just floating out from the ground. Looking back, I could have left enough room for an outside mount flange when I concreted the floor. At this point I still could have just chipped away around the pipe, being careful to not break any of the piping. An outside mount is generally a better flange just because it has more diameter and thus less chance of blockages for heavy hitters. Nothings perfect tho and I decided to just go with the inside mount, if they were that bad I am sure they would not make them. At the recommendation of my contractor friend I simply packed some grout underneath the flange to fill this 1/4" gap and to give it a sturdy base to sit on. However, once I installed the toilet this 1/4" actually came back to haunt me as now the toilet was uneven by yup...1/4". To fix this, at the recommendation of the same wonderful friend,  I put down a ring of grout that I sat the toilet in as its base. Worked out perfectly, and gave it a clean sealed look also. Thanks for this clutch call, I was actually almost going to start to cut to size an oval piece of cement board to sit the toilet on. He owed me after he made me use that Red-Gard crap anyways.


With the toilet out of the way, the rest of the fixtures went quite easily. Just had to install the vanity and connect the sink faucet and drain pipe. Then the shower fixtures & shower door followed by all trim work last.

Trim Molding

Only reason I am writing about this is because I literally saved this sweet video on installing window trim for all to see. This is a MUST view. In just a few minutes you know all you need to know to install window trim, even the sill which I installed better than my contractor did in the other bathroom. Man used a regular piece of wood instead of a real window stool and never angled the ends of the apron (trim under the sill). I was able to apply the same principles to do the door trim as well. (This Old House is awesome I used this other video to help me quickly install my new dummy baseboard heater cover as well). Installing the trim was easily one of my favorite tasks probably because I finally got to unleash my brand new laser guided miter saw. You have to use a power miter saw for 45 degree miters and other angle cuts, anyone who doesn't has not lived. If you still use a miter box than you might as well logon to a Windows 95 machine or use a payphone to respond to your pages.

  After the last cut was made and final nail was nailed, I hobbled my way outside gasping for air and fell to my
knees ...FREEEEEEEEEEEEDDDOMMMMM! The war was over.


Along this project I learned a lot, mostly from the internet and from friends in the business. Special thanks to Matty & Chris S. I owe you both half a beer and a large order of fries. No seriously Matty was a HUGE help in this, Google can only go so far in some cases. John Bridge Tile, were good sites with plenty of information as well. I also enjoyed reading other civilian accounts of their projects and similar pitfalls encountered. Unfortunately the internet is also full of shit now too tho. Its sad how there are a lot of fools out there who think they are self proclaimed experts after minimal experience or even 1 project. I didn't want this site to sound like that at all and why I clearly wanted to make it evident that I am just a normal chump (thus the name of the website) who attempted to renovate a bathroom, thats all. If you want to learn go to the numerous links I provided throughout this site and the ones listed above. So many worthless blogs and websites I came across that even me a stupid chump was able to call people out on advising others with wrong information. That is disrespect to the game and all contractors out there.

I basically just wanted to document this for myself and friends and/or family that didn't believe me when I had to tell them every weekend I was working in the bathroom. Some people still don't even believe me when I tell them I did it, so hopefully this will serve as substantial proof as well. This renovation took a lot of my time up, so just keep that in mind if you want to attempt a project like this on your own. If your not pumped and/or not a school teacher with massive amounts of free time than it may be worth it to just get some references and pay a good, reliable contractor so you can just enjoy your life. However, if you don't mind mixing thinset and other messy toxic crap every weekend, and more importantly are interested in learning a little about the structure that you spend your life in, then don't waste the fire just do it! There are plenty of resources to learn and guide you, but you have to be pumped and possibly a little crazy to maybe.

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