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Shower Tile

This was my 2nd time tiling, actually 2nd and a half as I helped cut tile on the kitchen back splash, so this was the only task I had prior experience in. I was able to borrow a tile saw from a friend, anyone who says you don't need one is crazy and any book that describes using tile nippers and other stupid nonsense should be thrown in the trash (the person of course not the book). I also made sure I had a mixing paddle, I didn't use one my 1st time and was not making that mistake again.

My 1st tile project was for an entry floor and I had a special pattern that I wanted to use so I was forced to buy expensive tile from one of those fancy tile stores where a lady helps you select your tile. This pissed me off, because Home Depot and Lowes tiles are more than fine. Lowes is actually better quality tile as it is 1/8" thicker and just looks stronger. Also Home Depots smaller tiles basically look like they were just cut in the back of the store down from the larger ones as you can see straight cuts. Lowes however look like each tile was manufactured in that size as each tile has an eased rounded finished edge as opposed to a sliced off finish. If you have no clue what the hell I am saying and actually care take a look for yourself, IF you have the benefit of both stores nearby. You will notice this level of quality with most other products sold by both stores, Lowes is far better in my opinion. After all that we went with the Home Depot set since they came in the sizes and mosaic we wanted. On a brief aside once the tile is installed properly no one knows how thick it is, and once its grouted no one will care if the damn edge is eased or not, so you can actually disregard and skip my above ridiculous rant, sorry. Anyways after much debate we (actually me since my wife didn't really care at this point anymore and just wanted her husband back from this cave) went with a combination of 6X6 wall tile installed straight 70% up the wall and than inverted diamond above a 2X2 accent ribbon mosaic. The shower floor and curb were the same 2X2 mosaic with a highly stylish bronze pencil accent, and the main bathroom floor was a serious 16X16 tile. So sophisticated.



I know I know...this is CLEARLY not the work of a chump. Honestly I am just as baffled at how awesome this tile job came out myself. Actually as I type this I am seriously considering changing this site to Man I am the man!

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