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Concrete Trenching For New Plumbing


First I trenched out the concrete slab since we had to alter the layout a little. This required a jackhammer and some determination.

New Shower Drain New Toilet

All plumbing had to be done by a licensed plumber to make sure it met all code requirements with waste, drainage, venting and all that other stuff. I enjoyed watching, but once the pipe was laid down I had to get back to work. Before I backfilled I added a moisture barrier. I just used 3 mill contractor bags which gave me 6 mill since I had it folded. This was thicker than what was there before. Some dudes probably would not have even bothered with this, but I am not them.

Mixing & Filling Concrete


After backfilling the bottom layer was time to fill in the concrete. Since I am just a chump I went with the pre-mixed concrete mix which is available at the Home Chumpo. I don't see any reason to have to mix the proper ratio of Portland Cement, Gravel and Sand yourself, other than to just look hardcore. The picture below is four 80lb bags of concrete ready-mix in a wheelbarrow. This is an excellent example of how NOT to mix up a batch of concrete yourself.


You mix 1 bag of concrete at a time. I thought I was speeding up the job by pouring 4 bags of ready-mix at a time. This did the exact opposite, and resulted in much strain and cursing. Eventually once the mix was the right consistency it was ready to go down. After some careful screeding and leveling came out pretty dam good for first time!


Plumbing - Supply Lines


After the concrete cured was time to run the supply lines for all fixtures. The plan was initially to run the hot and colds in all pex. Most plumbing supply lines in America are copper, but Pex tubing has been used pretty extensively in Europe for a while now and has slowly been adopted here as well. I am not sure why the hell I just added that stupid little tidbit for. We were going to use Uponor (formally Wirsbo) since this is supposed to be the best in pex piping and also since my plumbers crimping tool only worked with this brand.

Pex to copper fitting

But for some reason we ended up doing everything in copper except for the above 1 run. After it was all said and done, I am completely perplexed why anyone would use copper over pex! I was actually singing that in a Dr. Seuss tone of voice, go back and re-read that sentence and PLEASE try this. Anyways it was annoying the hell out of my plumber friend. All that sweating (soldering) and messy flux just didn't make any sense to me once we used pex.

Once we were done I actually took careful note where all piping was and jotted down some quick measurements as to help avoid puncturing any pipes when later installing the shower door and other misc stuff. 

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