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Ford Escort ZX2 Oil Change

I was able to find the oil drain bolt pretty quickly. It was located right next to the passenger side front wheel. I opened this up with a 17mm socket and had chocolate milk looking oil pour out. Head gasket leak was confirmed. Hopefully my coolant flush and head gasket fix resolved this. Let oil leak out completely and then screwed bolt back on.

Orange thing is the oil filter. Located on front passenger side accessed from underneath. Horrid location, had to use filter wrench to get it off since couldn't get a good grip. I could remove the filter from my brothers camry blindfolded. Lined the O-ring with oil and screwed new filter in. Hand tighten only. Poured in 4 quarts of 5W-30 oil and started engine. Checked for leaks and topped off to 4.5 quarts.

Wheel ramps branded the driveway quite stylishly.


With the cost of a basic oil change like $30 there is no reason to do it yourself. If you are being charged an exorbitant price for an oil change  its probably for a reason. Might have a special car that requires some extra shit to come off to get at, do you feel like taking that on? Also your car may require synthetic oil, which is obviuosly more $$. I just did it because I was doing some investigative work regarding a potential head gasket leak, and wanted to see the oil consistency. Cost of oil was $15, filter $5 and still have to haul old oil away.