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Chump Style Head Gasket Fix


Added Bar's Leaks Head Gasket Fix in to radiator along with 50/50 mix of anti-freeze and water in a desperate attempt to rescue my dying car. Bar's Leaks had 2 options this was $35 and seemed easier and quicker than the $10 one. Some people don't like this stuff because it does contain metallic like particles or something and can possibly clog other elements of the cooling system. Since I don't really care and this was more of a science experiment I was all set with the risks. Either this works or I junk the car anyways. Steel Seal solution may be the best since it has no particles and is just liquid, this dude swears by it. Anyways after following directions on the bottle car seems to be running ridiculously smoothly. Everyone is so quick to say "oh thats bs, snake oil, won't work, band aid" etc...I am not sure if these are opinions from personal experience or just some big bad mr. mechanic talk. If I threw it in and nothing changed, I would agree what a joke. But at this point this $hit has already done its job for me. If I was stranded somewhere in the weeds and my gasket blew, for $35 I get to drive my car home. Don't have to pay for a tow, a rental car for a week (or month) while I am out shopping for a new car etc... Now with that said I don't know to what extent my gasket was blown. Could have been a pinhole leak, but by the looks of my Kahlua and Baileys looking oil my mechanic claimed that this car was done. So far its been exactly 4076 days 23 hours 28 minutes and my car has been running smooth to date, and has even passed an inspection!



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