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- Former certified lifeguard.


- Unorganized accounts of various projects completed to date.


- Not really sure since most of this information can be found elsewhere, written better and more detailed probably.
- Potentially help others from making similar mistakes encountered?
- Learn new website technology?
- Self absorbed, tacky, glorified home page..."Hey look at what I have done today!"


- Used DotNetNuke (DNN). This site is built with DNN - an open source Content Management System based on Microsofts .Net technology. Read here why I wanted to did this.
- **Update** It's been years since I created this and I wonder if DNN is a now dying technology? Chances are today you have never even heard of it. I am thinking there is little value to learning DNN in todays world unless you have been hired to work on an existing DNN project that previous consultants have fled and most likely left in shambles.

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